Eurolive SpA is a company with multi-year experience in the production and packaging of table olives, capers and vegetables. Our plants are both located in Lecce (Apulia-Southern Italy), with a production space of 12,000 SQM, including refrigerating rooms for 2,500 SQM.In order to enhance local products, we specialized in the production of Italian olives, whole, pitted and sliced, with particular emphasis on varieties from Apulia and Salento (Leccine, Celline, Termite di Bitetto and Paranzane).We never compromise on quality; therefore we enhanced tight cooperation with local farmers selecting the fresh products with them. Olives will subsequently be processed with innovative production lines tailored and customized to better treat and prepare each different variety.Directly present in Greece, we established a partnership with local farmers and producers in order to personally select the best qualities of green, black, kalamata, pitted and stuffed olives.Our offer also includes sweet and hot peppers, artichokes, eggplants, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms. Among our most successful and well-known products we can count pâtès, creams and minces of locally cultivated products such as olives, eggplants, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and hot peppers.We also offer a wide range of capers, a cornerstone of Mediterranean cuisine, in brine, salt or vinegar.Being aware of the great impact that ingredients have on health and wellbeing, we recently introduced a new range of organic products including different varieties of capers and olives, both Italian and foreign.Corporate social responsibility and environmental safeguard have always been priorities leading our actions. The electricity we use is produced by our solar panels and we are pioneers in developing techniques aimed at reusing edible scrap discarded during production processes, thus minimizing food waste.We pay a lot of attention to technological improvement and market evolutions; therefore, in order to further boost the research and development department, we partnered with University of Salento and the National Research Center.The mix of high-quality products, tailor made services, support for research and corporate social responsibility makes us leaders in our field.

Promotion of local products
High quality
Certified and organic products
Research, development and innovation

The pride of Puglia

Apulia’s olive trees have always been one of the reasons of pride for this region: therefore we decided to promote the least known varieties of Apulia olives in order to discover the savory taste and the numerous nutritional benefits such as the high quantity of antioxidants contained in Cellina di Nardò olives



17.000 sq. m.

production area divided in 2 plants

2500 sq. m.

cold storage


tons of products produced every year