Our mission is to provide the client with a product of excellent quality, certified with the most important Standards, from the raw material and through each production phase. Our goal is to optimize the production chain as much as possible and, also thanks a cooperation with University of Salento, implement innovations both in terms of production process and product, in order to continuously improve quality and at the same time reduce the environmental impact of our production. The experience gained in this sector led us to select the best olives of Mediterranean Basin, but our focus has always been the Italian product, especially Apulia one, promoting it internationally.

Research, development and INNOVATION.

Achieved thanks to a partnership with the best institutions in this area.

Eurolive SpA. Production and packaging of table olives, capers and vegetables. Specialized in the production of Italian olives, whole, pitted and sliced, with particular emphasis on varieties from Apulia and Salento

Our numbers.



17.000 sq. m.

production area divided in 2 plants

2500 sq. m.

cold storage


tons of products produced every year